Eat Your Own Dog Food

User Experience is a wide, wide field – I do not think that a tool can provide all one needs for a great UX. Nonetheless there are attempts to do so. I found a reference to a blog post titled “Lean UX vs. Agile UX – is there a difference?”. Well the quintessence is, that no matter which buzzword UX (agile, lean) you prefer, the UXPin app is always the right choice.

Is that so? – To be honest, I have no idea about the fine differences between lean and agile, are they defined at all?

But I was interested enough to check out about the app. The first page was already somewhat irritating, but I headed on to the UXPin Features page.

That is such an eye-shocker … I took a screenshot:

UXPin Features

And then started to annotate anything, that made me want to leave a page at once, that was all about UX. Here you are:

UXPin 1

Unfortunately I cannot make a screenshot of the wiggling button, that started to annoy me all the time I wanted to read.

I did not investigate any further, first glance, second glance, many glances – they all made me gasp, how a company commited to UX could do such a thing.

Well, I wonder if I should show the UXPin folks this post … or do they really care?